Catching Up With The Crypto Crowd (One-Time Downloadable Audio Tracks)

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Are you looking for the easiest way to catch up with the crypto crowd? Do you enjoy being part of those who never skip great opportunities?

Imagine getting in one place all the curated knowledge and practical tools you might need to start taking part in one of the most significant transfer of wealth the history has ever known.

What you will get, is the necessary basic knowledge to understand what whitepapers are and what they mean. Not only will you get the basic bullet points to check before considering seizing a crypto opportunity, but you will also get dozens of practical online tools known by only a few. Therefore, you won’t get stressed if the whole crypto market trembles after some news because you would have taken your own informed decisions to begin with! (Read the product description below and our Disclaimer for more details.)

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TOPONIVO’s InvestOTOP Catching Up With The Crypto Crowd is specifically designed for beginners. You do not have to know anything about either blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, consensus mechanisms, forks or white papers in the beginning. Those concepts and many more will gradually be explained to you in such a way that it will all make sense in no time. The knowledge you will acquire will allow you to be part of the crypto crowd when you complete the course. By the end of the course, you should be able to take your own informed decisions and responsibilities when it comes to crypto. (Read our Disclaimer for more details.)

What’s TOPONIVO’s InvestOTOP Catching Up with The Crypto Crowd? How many chapters are there?

We add and revise chapters on a regular basis. Our chapters are divided into successive laser-focused piece of content for you to build an incremental understanding of the chapter’s topic you study. There are 13 full-length chapters including more than 90 different piece of content as of now.

The following are the chapters you will have access to:

  • Chapter 01 – Blockchain 101 – Privacy, security, consensus, cryptocurrency, use cases, and features
  • Chapter 02 – Smart contracts purposes and features leading to the concept of Decentralized Applications also known as Dapps
  • Chapter 03 – Distinctions between tokens, coins, cryptocurrencies and blockchains leading to the concepts of token contracts, token standards, and Initial Coin Offerings also known as ICOs
  • Chapter 04 – Distinctions between encrypting and hashing leading to the concepts of public keys, private keys, wallets, and backup phrases
  • Chapter 05 – Trusting one of the many consensus mechanisms rather than a middleman leading to the concept of block mining
  • Chapter 06 – Risks and opportunities of an open source environment leading to the concepts of forks and snapshots
  • Chapter 07 – Law is to be followed, and tax is to be paid
  • Chapter 08 – Knowing your numbers is not optional – Why marketcap is not enough and Technical Analysis 101
  • Chapter 09 – Some basic security measuresPasswords, 2FA, and checksums
  • Chapter 10 – Information seeker mindset, Fundamental Analysis 101, and a checklist to try to assess investment opportunities
  • Chapter 11 – DOs – Many things you should consider doing
  • Chapter 12 – DONTs – Many things you should consider not doing
  • Chapter 13 – How to set things up and start investingCryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, portfolio tracking, and tax reporting

What if I can’t learn on a daily basis? Is there any pace to follow?

Learn whenever you feel like it! TOPONIVO allow you to become your best-self from any device, whenever you have time to commit to studying! Follow your own schedule! That’s why TOPONIVO’s digital products are handy.

Where is the list of coins and tokens I can “safely” invest in?

TOPONIVO’s digital products aren’t intended to give you a list of specific investments to make. (Read our Disclaimer for more details.)

How long will my access to the online hosted updated content last?

If you choose to purchase a 365 days long online access to online hosted updated content, you will have access to the online content you purchased and all its updated versions for one year (365 days) starting from the date of your purchase. After the one year period has expired, you will have to renew your purchase to be granted access to the online content again. (Read our Terms And Conditions for more details.)

How can I listen to TOPONIVO’s Audio files?

TOPONIVO’s Audio MP3 files can be listened to with most podcast players and with most music players, on most devices (such as but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Linux operated devices). (Read our Terms And Conditions for more details.)

How many times can I download the downloadable files?

If you choose to purchase one-time downloadable digital files, you will only be able to download those files once for every 365 days period you paid for, even if you inadvertently delete those meant-to-be-downloaded files from one of your device (such as but not limited to computer, USB stick, smartphone podcast player or any other device). This means that you will only be able to download the latest updated downloadable version once, and that you won’t have access to any update after you have downloaded one version of the digital files regardless of the remaining days there are in the aforementioned 365 days time-frame. (Read our Terms And Conditions for more details.)

How can I contact you for more details on the offer or technical assistance?

Feel free to Contact Us, we’ll answer as soon as possible to make it a friction-free experience for you.

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