Crypto Audio And PDF Glossary (One-Time Downloadable Files)

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Are you looking to be blockchain and crypto-savvy? Are you looking for the easiest way to learn what all those blockchain related terms you are hearing mean? Do you enjoy making the most of your time and stay up-to-date with the most recent breakthroughs even if you have a full-time job or a family to provide for?

If you’re at a turning point in life, then you must have thought of taking part into the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. As a blockchain-savvy individual, you are free to remotely take part in one of the many breakthroughs that already are reshaping the world!

You must have come to realize by now that the fastest you know the terms people use, the fastest you will be able to take informed decisions and make your dreams come true! That’s precisely why you will love TOPONIVO’s InvestOTOP Crypto Audio+PDF Glossary. So many people wished they could have known about the 120+ audio glossary tracks and the corresponding PDF file sooner. TOPONIVO’s InvestOTOP Crypto Audio+PDF Glossary puts you in the exclusive group of those making the most of their time. (Read the product description below and our Disclaimer for more details.)

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TOPONIVO’s InvestOTOP Audio+PDF Glossary is specifically designed for beginners. You do not have to know anything about either blockchain, cryptocurrencies, tokens, consensus rules, dPoS or yellow papers in the beginning. 120+ terms and acronyms will be explained to you in such a way that it will all make sense in no time. The knowledge you will acquire while listening to audio tracks or while reading the 35+ pages PDF will allow you to be part of the crypto crowd. (Read our Disclaimer for more details.)

What’s TOPONIVO’s InvestOTOP Crypto Audio+PDF Glossary?

TOPONIVO’s InvestOTOP Crypto Audio Glossary is a pack of 120+ one-time downloadable .mp3 audio files and one 35+ pages PDF for you to stay up-to-date with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies terms. Those handy files can be listened to and read on-the-go on your numeric devices. Not only will you nail it but you will nail it in a time-effectively manner!

What if I can’t learn on a daily basis? Is there any pace to follow?

Learn whenever you feel like it! TOPONIVO allow you to become your best-self from any device, whenever you have time to commit to studying! Follow your own schedule! That’s why TOPONIVO’s digital products are handy.

Where is the list of coins and tokens I can “safely” invest in?

TOPONIVO’s digital products aren’t intended to give you a list of specific investments to make. (Read our Disclaimer for more details.)

How can I listen to TOPONIVO’s Audio files?

TOPONIVO’s Audio MP3 files can be listened to with most podcast players and with most music players, on most devices (such as but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Linux operated devices). (Read our Terms And Conditions for more details.)

How can I listen to TOPONIVO’s PDF files?

TOPONIVO’s PDF files can be read with most PDF readers, on most devices (such as but not limited to iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS or Linux operated devices). (Read our Terms And Conditions for more details.)

How many times can I download the downloadable files?

If you choose to purchase one-time downloadable digital files, you will only be able to download those files once for every 365 days period you paid for, even if you inadvertently delete those meant-to-be-downloaded files from one of your device (such as but not limited to computer, USB stick, smartphone podcast player or any other device). This means that you will only be able to download the latest updated downloadable version once, and that you won’t have access to any update after you have downloaded one version of the digital files regardless of the remaining days there are in the aforementioned 365 days time-frame. (Read our Terms And Conditions for more details.)

How can I contact you for more details on the offer or technical assistance?

Feel free to Contact Us, we’ll answer as soon as possible to make it a friction-free experience for you.

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