Why Now is the Perfect Time For You to Become a Freelancer

Working as a freelancer means that you offer your services – usually ones you’re highly skilled at – without being tied to permanent employment. It’s a form of self-employment where you work at your rate and can engage multiple clients at the same time. Freelancing can come in a contractual form where you’re expected to work with a particular client for a specific period with the possibility to simultaneously – or not – work with other clients (depending on the contract).

Freelancing is common in the creative industry where services like writing (whether content or creative), copywriting, digital marketing, graphics/web designing, photography, editing amongst others are rendered. However, it is not uncommon for freelancers to be sought as consultants, translators, or even teachers. As long as a service is needed in an industry, it can more often than not be performed by a freelancer. There are a lot of reasons why people decide to become freelancers. While some want to earn extra money on the side, others want a job where they’re independent of bosses and tight schedules while some may wish to make a living out of a skill they have. Whatever the reason is to become a freelancer, you must have skills to offer other people.

Advantages of Having a Freelancing Career

Over the last decades, the freelancing industry has been rated to be one of the fastest-growing industries that will stay relevant for years from now. Deciding to utilize this opportunity with all its advantages right now might be a step towards the right direction.

1.1 Liberty to Choose Projects and Clients

This may turn out to be the most significant advantage of working independently. A lot of people complain about having to work with people they don’t flow with or on tasks they don’t like or even both. With freelancing, you have the freedom of choosing the kind of services you provide, and to whom you offer the services to, without severe consequences [1]. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to choose your work based on interest and experience. For people seeking to have a great work-life balance, freelancing is a great option because you work based on your own rules.

1.2 Flexibility of Location

For a lot of people, ideal working doesn’t include having to wake up early and being dressed up in a particular way. Freelancing allows you to choose where you work from (which could be anywhere), what time you do your work, and in whatever condition you choose [1]. Most of the time, a working computer, a good internet connection, and electricity supply is all you need. The essential things required of a good freelancer is quality work and timely delivery. In specific cases, some freelancers use workspaces. In the end, they have the freedom to pick where they want to work from.

1.3 Opportunity to Earn and Connect More

Freelancing can be done as a part-time or full-time job. In whichever case, it allows you to generate income. There’s a high chance that you will do a very good job because you provide a service that you’re skilled at. Freelancing allows you to connect to various people from all over the world who need your service. This, in turn, will enable you to choose the kinds of projects you take on based on the rewards they offer [1]. If you know what you’re doing and how to go about it, you have a very high chance of thriving and gaining a lot of opportunity and money from freelancing.

1.4 Multi-faceted Exposure

With freelancing, you own and run your brand. The success of the brand what you do and how you deal with the brand. You will not only work on the services you offer; you will publicize your work, lobby for clients, send cold pitches, write proposals to them, follow up and do everything it takes to keep your brand going. You are required to build your brand and establish yourselves [1]. This helps you develop more skills in the long run. You gain marketing, sales, communications, management skills, and so on. Aside from this, you’re exposed to different people from different fields and domains that require your skillset. You will deal with different situations and gain exposure to different skills. The freelancing setup is different from the traditional employment where you only work on what has been assigned to you. Finally, you have the opportunity to grow and learn more on the job compared to regular employment.

1.5 Diversification and Exposure

Freelancing allows you to experiment with the skills you have. You will not be restricted to using your expertise in only one way. Freelancing can stretch you to discover and carry out jobs you thought you couldn’t do with the same skill that you possess. For instance, as a freelance writer, you will not only write about things you are familiar with, but you will be exposed to new topics. You can write for blogs, make scripts into audiobooks, or even screenplay writing. You can advance into creating content for websites, ads, short films, e-books, or e-commerce websites [1].

The kind of opportunities that freelancing avails you, can sometimes not be compared to what you’d get with a full-time job. You can attain a level of proficiency and decide to start tutoring other upcoming freelancers in the line you have chosen. This is a way of imparting knowledge, and also gaining extra bucks for yourself.

Why you should become a freelancer right now

Apart from the juicy benefits that freelancing brings, here are some reasons why you should start your freelancing career now.

2.1 Growth of the Industry

Today, the traditional way of doing business and engaging people is changing rapidly. Business owners, executives, and people generally aren’t restricting the work and services to people they can see. People are seeking to employ the services of persons who can deliver best. The global market is now opening to accommodate technological advances which make working easier for everyone involved. Freelancing gives a vast array of opportunities, especially on a global scale. There are a lot of skills that are in demand at the moment. There’s hardly any skill that you have that wouldn’t be useful to you as a freelancer. The freelancing industry is growing every day, with more than a handful of websites that allow freelancers to connect with their prospective clients.

2.2 Very High Demand for Creatives

There’s high esteem placed on creators and creatives today. The world is starting to belong to creatives. People who are content creators, writers, designers (every kind of design you can imagine), developers, marketers, journalists are at the forefront of high demands [2]. The best way to connect with these kinds of people is through freelancing because a lot of them do not want to be restricted from working for a particular person or company. If you have these skills or related ones, you might want to go into the freelancing industry because of the wide range of opportunities available.

2.3 Skills Can Be Learned Online

The internet and technology have provided us with the best opportunities to learn skills which may not have been available a decade ago. Skills like digital and social media marketing/management, copywriting, graphics and web designing, photography, editing, and whatnot can be learned online.

You don’t necessarily have to attend physical or formal classes to be able to gain a lot of skills today. Just a few dedicated weeks or months to learn and you can become a pro at what you do. Some of these learning sites give certifications to prove that you have learned what you claim you have. Becoming a freelancer may not be as tough as it’s made to look. Having the skills to offer the service is a prerequisite. Take the opportunity to learn more about these skills online and turn them into a work opportunity for yourself.

2.4 Relevance of the Industry in the Nearest Future

There’s no doubt the freelancing industry is one that will remain relevant in the next decade and beyond. This is because technology will continue to advance and promote the online community of workers. Jobs that may not seem to be possibly performed over the internet have high chances of changing in the years to come. It is best to adopt the means that might be the surest and most relevant way of gainful employment in the future [2].

Freelancing provides a lot of attractive advantages that can provide an alternative to regular jobs. You’re in control of your time and schedule, and you know your clients and the kind of jobs you take on. This will most definitely make you less prone to ‘surprises,’ unemployment, and so on. You will enjoy the moments as they come and enjoy life. You will feel in control of your life, finances and you’ll be able to make decisions that suit you.

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Cheat Sheet and Key Takeaways

  1. Freelance is the new style of employment
  2. With the advancement in technology, freelance is becoming more and more popular and global
  3. You can use your skill to become a freelancer right now
  4. As a freelancer, not only will you earn, but you will learn as well
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